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Bundling Films & Extended Core Bundling Film (Bundle Tapes)

The bundle tapes keep the products together without sticking to them. With its low adhesive feature, it is suggested to use such tapes for perishables or sensible items which need to breathe.

Stretch film between 1-5 inches is commonly referred to as bundling film or banding film. Companies often use bundling stretch wrap in place of tape to keep items bundled together. Bundling film is also great for stabilizing smaller product loads. Bundling film is really the ideal way to get away from using a carton or other budget-unfriendly way to keep your products together. Manufactured from high quality films our product is ideal for packaging small items together.

Extended core, similar to bundling films, have a part of their inner cores extended to the outer for convenience of handling and wrapping. Ideal for anyone wanting a ready-to-use bundling film out of the box, the extended core handles are study and enable quick and easy use. The core design and light-weight rolls make it easy to use in tight spaces & low places. The extended cores are mainly for bundling items together or wrapping pallets.

Moving and Storage
Boxed Products
5” long, disposable handle is built into each roll of extended core bundling film.
1″ diameter extended core for easy gripping.
Fully ready to use out of the box.
Faster, easier and more economical to use than strapping, tape or twine.
Great for combining items for freight consolidation.
Film will not leave a residue on your products
Width  5 inch  Transparency  Transparent
 Feature  Moisture Proof  Micron

20-23 Micron

 MOQ  500 kilograms  Packaging  20 rolls per carton, or customized

Choosing The Right Film

Do you have a centralized packing area  Yes  Machine film using wrapping machinle
 No  Hand Film
 What is the production volume?  Low(<30 pallets/8 hours)  Hand applied film
 Medium(30-100 pallets/8 hours)  Semi-automatic machine applied film
  High(>100 pallets/8 hours)  automatic film application
 What is the load weight?  Low(Under 1200 lbs)  20 Micron hand film
 Medium(1200-2000 lbs)  21-25 Micron machine or hand film
 High(Over 2000 lbs)  26-30 Micron machine applied film
 What is the load type?  Regular shaped pallet with product fitting pallet closely  20 Micron hand film
  Slightly irregular-corners and/or product fitting within 3 inches on sides  21-25 Micron machine or hand film
 Highly irregular loads and/or loads which are greater than 3 inches from fitting size of pallet  26-30 Micron machine applied film