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Fresher Aluminium Foils

Fresher Aluminum foil in domestic as well as professional kitchens has become a valuable ‘culinary tool’. Our foils not only come in rolls but also takeaway containers to make your life easy on the go.

Fresher Kitchen Foil Rolls: Fresher Foils preserves warmth and moistness, keeping your food fresh and aromatic, long after you have packed it. 45 cm wide and 7 meter long, our foils comes with a guaranteed thickness of 11 Microns and above, ensuring that your food remains full of flavour and free of bacteria.When we say your roll is 7 m long, it will be 7 m long. We also offer exciting deals where you get extra foil for free-giving you more than all others.

Description  Shape  Micron  Usage Treatment  Width
 Fresher 45cm  Roll  15

Food, kitchen packing storing freezing ,etc


45 cm

 Fresher 30cm  Roll  10  Food, kitchen packing storing freezing etc  Disposable  30 cm

Fresher Aluminum Takeaway Container

Fresher aluminum containers are ideal for processing, packing and preserving food products. Available in various sizes and multi packs, Fresher aluminum containers are widely use in catering, take away or retail stores. The leak proof lids keep the food warm, while locking in the freshness.

Available Sizes
 250 ml  450 ml  660 ml

750 ml

 1060 ml

3 chamber