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Cast LLDPE Hand Film (3 Layer co-extruded)

Some products need no heavy and expensive machinery for being wrapped. Packers can only hold our hand rolls and wrap the products manually. By placing pressure on the film it can easily be stretched to its maximum tensile level.

TPP hand stretch film is our best selling, general purpose, hand applied stretch film. This handy, competitively priced film’s unparalleled puncture and tear resistance plus great cling make it instantly usable. Its standard sizes provide easy storage and handling at your designated warehouse. The stretch & toughness of hand film ensures enhanced protection for regular loads and extra protection for hard-to-hold loads. However, the efficiency of manual stretch wrap packaging should be regularly re-evaluated against potential benefits of upgrading to a machine wrapper. Choosing the right stretch applicator will result in more efficient and cost effective packaging operations.

Small load size.
Ideal for bundling and unitizing a number of small,
individual,irregular shaped items into larger loads.
Stacking up light loads in pallets.
Puncture and tear resistant.
Excellent cling provides.
Superior stabilization of loads.
Easy handling and storage of films.
Cost effective.
Width  Can be customized  Transparency  Transparent
 Feature  Moisture Proof  Micron

20 mic, 23 mic, 25mic

 Pre-stretch  300%  Packaging  4/6 rolls per carton or customized