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Cast LLDPE Machine Film (3 Layer co-extruded)

Tough, strong and with extra tensile, perfect for wrapping pallets ensuring extra superior and load retention. With extra puncture resistance and extra stretch capability it ensure faster wrapping and cost saving.

TPP Machine films are cast coextruded films with up to 300% pre-stretch. Easy unwind assures great usage on all high speed automatics, overheads and bundling applications. This film offers high elongation, exceptional puncture and tear resistance, along with excellent load-holding force.

Heavy duty load size
Uneven load size
Stacking up loads in pallets for shipment
Strong and puncture resistant.
Great for use on irregular loads.
Used on any stretch film machine.
Excellent cling properties.
Width  Can be customized  Transparency  Transparent
 Feature  Moisture Proof  Micron

20 mic to 30 Micron Thickness can be customised upto 40 microns.

 Pre-stretch  300%  Packaging  Roll per carton or customized